History of a Talent : Sami, Quality Assurance consultant


Julianne Liebert

History of a Talent : Sami, Quality Assurance consultant


Read the story of Sami, who has just joined anywr.life as a quality assurance consultant.



Hello Sami, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sami and I am Algerian. I am 31 years old, I was born and raised in Algiers City.

I am passionate about nature, walking in the forest, hiking in the mountains, travelling and discovering different landscapes are activities that relax me and allow me to disconnect.

I chose to come to France because it is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry : working and evolving with people having an excellent experience in this field is one of the main reasons that encouraged me to try this life experience.


What is your professional and academic background?

After graduating from high school with a specialisation in experimental sciences, I decided to enrol at the University of Science and Technology of Houari Boumediene in Algiers. After five years of study, I obtained a Master's degree in industrial process engineering: this training helped me to become familiar with the techniques of control, regulation and optimisation of the various fields of industrial processes.

I chose to work in the pharmaceutical industry because it is a fast growing industry in Algeria. I started as a physico-chemical analyst in a quality control laboratory for a year, where I became familiar with GLP (good laboratory practice) and the different control equipment.

I then moved on to quality assurance, which later became my area of expertise. Today I have five and a half years experience as a quality assurance coordinator in pharmaceutical production of general forms: dry forms (uncoated, dispersible, orodispersible, coated and gastro-resistant), liquid forms, powder for suspension.

My recent experience as a pharmaceutical supplier qualification officer has given me more specific experience in the application of standards and norms (GMP, GDP and ISO 9001 and 22000 etc.), as well as audits of manufacturers, distributors and subcontractors according to these standards.


Tell us more about your job!

Being a quality assurance consultant means assisting, helping and listening to our professional environment. It's a job where you'll have to communicate a lot and work with others: you have to be curious and have a strong sense of observation and analysis and of course master the quality standards (in this case GMP and ISO9001).


What do you prefer in your job?

I am currently in an intermission period* as I arrived in France mid-March 2023.

Amongst the tasks given to me, other than interviewing for assignments with our clients, I can also be on the other side of the board, i.e. interviewing other potential candidates who wish to join us at Anywr.


If you had any piece of advice to give to someone willing to do this job?

My advice is: go for it!

If you are an ambitious person willing to face new challenges, the Life Sciences industry is constantly evolving: you are learning new things every day! Quality assurance is a versatile and multidisciplinary job, it will allow you to work alongside all the other professions in this industry and therefore to have a complete vision of the processes.


What are your plans for the future?

Having experience exclusively in general drug forms, my goal for the future is to work on new projects, including injectables and medical devices, in order to improve my knowledge and expertise.


How did you hear about Anywr?

A colleague mentioned that a friend of his was joining Anywr, so I already had the idea in mind to try this experience one day. However, I didn't have the courage to apply directly because I felt I wasn't ready for this kind of adventure.

Then I was contacted on Linkedin by Meriam Gouram who suggested an interview during which she explained all the necessary details. I really appreciated the quality of this exchange and I was then accompanied during the whole expatriation process by my talent manager Ryan Cheung.


Thanks Sami for his testimony!



*At Anywr, we do our best to find you the best assignments, as quickly as possible. It is possible that between two assignments, you may be in "intermission": here are our best tips to go through it peacefull


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Julianne Liebert

by Julianne Liebert