Hassle-free arrival in France with our relocation experts


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Hassle-free arrival in France with our relocation experts


Once immigration formalities are taken care of and your residence permit is completed, it's time for the next step: arrival in France. This is where our relocation coordinators get involved in your move, combining accommodation and orientation services that make both national and international moves a breeze.

A team of relocation experts


Our promise for talent is that they are able to carry out their professional move stress-free, supported by experts all throughout the process. Once your new job has been found, contract signed and visa obtained, being taken care of as an expatriate on arrival in France is reassuring for you. Leaving your country of origin with minimal knowledge of France and all the steps to be taken (that are often long and laborious) isn't just a case of getting on a plane and casually picking up your luggage on arrival. This is where our added value lies.


Steps to take to prepare for arrival


First of all, thanks to of our partner networks in different regions, we will organise temporary accommodation for you (for one or two months) to finalise documentation so that you have an address to start off with and can take your time to select your future long-term accommodation.

We also start the search for your long-term accommodation at the same time in connection with our Relocation Consultants on the ground in different regions. This person will support you all the way in looking for accommodation by offering properties that match your criteria. They will then carry out the visits with you or on your behalf if you have already started your secondment or by filming the visits if you are not available.

The next step is support with all the formalities involved in moving in: checking the rental agreement, organising the inventory for furniture, arranging water, electricity and internet contracts, and taking out home insurance.



We will also help you to open a bank account, which is essential on arrival in the country. Having an RIB (relevé d’identité bancaire or bank identity slip) is essential for all further steps. We'll organise a meeting with you to open your account and will inform you of the documentation required.


Solutions for the whole family

We will also help to find a school for your children or language school for your spouse. We also help with administrative procedures for changing driving licence, setting up a social security account, making an appointment with local authorities for visa procedures, etc.


Advantages of using Cooptalis

We have real estate agencies all over France, know our regions well, and can guide you on the property market (rental prices). The majority of our experts are from the regions that they advise on and know both cities and surrounding smaller towns well. They benefit from a local network that enables them to be more efficient and quicker in passing on rental options.

The majority of our Relocation Consultants have also already experienced secondment or placement abroad and are therefore well aware of the issues, which enables them to fully understand your various problems and to anticipate your needs, questions and queries. In addition, we know the roles that we support well, as Cooptalis has been specialising in these difficult-to-recruit professions for several years.

We are well acquainted with the equivalence of documents according to different countries of origin which allows us to anticipate the administrative part, guide you and to prepare all the documents and information required before your departure to facilitate your arrival in France.

We also do our best to put you in contact with people from the same country who have recently arrived in the region so that you can discuss everyday issues together.

Finally, the quality of our relocation services in France is recognised with EGQS certification, awarded by the European Relocation Association (EuRA).

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Audrey has been part of the Cooptalis team for over 2 years, and has been Agency Manager and Regional Manager for language stays for French people wanting to travel abroad. These jobs have a lot in common with her present day mission.


Pauline Jxxx

by Pauline Jxxx