Cooptalis: Talent Recruitment Expert for the Life Sciences Sector


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Cooptalis: Talent Recruitment Expert for the Life Sciences Sector


Cooptalis offers a range of career and project opportunities for talented individuals in sectors with strong potential around the world. Emilie Grenet, a Life Sciences Recruitment Consultant, explains how we support candidates in this sector who are looking for opportunities in France or Belgium.

Cooptalis' recruitment experts help talented individuals to develop their careers.

Every day, we strive to support your professional journey, finding you new opportunities that meet your expectations.

Our work is based on two avenues:

  • Direct approach: we directly contact potential candidates that are aligned with our clients' needs, encouraging them to consider an international career path
  • Responses to job postings: we work with candidates who are already planning to move abroad to develop their career and have applied for one of our job postings


The recruitment process


We start by carrying out a preliminary video interview in order to understand your needs and desires regarding your future career. We will discuss your background and experience in more detail, then evaluate and explain how Cooptalis can support your plants. The second step is a conversation with Manon, our Business Manager for the Life Sciences sector. If your application is approved, we will move on to the last stage of the recruitment process: the salary proposal.

You will then work alongside our immigration and relocation experts to bring your plans to fruition.


The most sought-after candidates for our clients in France and Belgium


We need candidates to fill 8 different roles:


  • Qualification and Validation Engineer: this role is based in pharmaceutical laboratories that manufacture different dosage forms (dry, liquid or injectable). Our customers are particularly interested in candidates who specialise in equipment qualification, process validation, the validation of analytical procedures (validation of drug formulations), and cleaning validation. They will be responsible for implementing risk analyses, carrying out field tests, managing the supply of testing components, coordinating the various stakeholders, etc. Experience in sterile environments is a plus.
  • Quality Assurance Engineer: these engineers ensure that all processes meet the requirements of a certain standard (e.g. ISO 13485 for medical devices or 9001 for quality assurance), oversee product quality reviews, participate in the creation and approval of major documents such as validation plans and reports, and analyse changes and updates related to CAPAs (corrective and preventive actions).
  • New Work Engineer: within a maintenance or investment project management team, new work engineers play a vital role in the creation of laboratory extensions from start to finish, creating new manufacturing and production units, managing consulting engineers, monitoring the construction of new units in real time, handling equipment purchases, and participating in their installation.
  • Production Manager: overseeing manufacturing, packaging and maintenance activities, production managers handle a wide range of tasks. They are responsible for managing teams and schedules, ensuring that the production process is running as smoothly as possible while adhering to the manufacturing process and all the standards in force. Project managers are also involved in various projects within the production unit.
  • Regulatory Affairs Engineer: the main tasks associated with this role are defining regulatory requirements and overseeing their application, developing and drafting MAAs (marketing authorisation applications), ensuring these applications are up to date and renewed, and monitoring regulations and standards.
  • Computer System Validation Engineer: the desired candidate will be in charge of monitoring ERP implementation, identifying and defining all required interfaces. Additionally, they will be responsible for identifying, defining, coordinating and monitoring the work packages to be carried out; creating and monitoring the required project documentation; and, finally, identifying and communicating the possible risks associated with the project.
  • Quality Control Engineer: this role requires a certain degree of versatility. Quality control engineers are responsible for implementing and organising the monitoring and quality control procedures. They work primarily in a sterile environment and are in charge of quality control for the raw materials and excipients. They analyse performance and any issues with the processes and implements CAPAs to ensure better management of nonconformities. Finally, they conduct studies on the stability, preparation and performance of tests.
  • Maintenance Engineer: their key duties involve optimising maintenance plans and maintenance management tools, optimising preventive and corrective maintenance at customer sites, and implementing a predictive approach where necessary. They are also responsible for setting up and managing monitoring and optimisation indicators (synthetic rate of return, etc.), as well as managing team schedules and continuous improvements.

To fill these roles, we are looking for candidates with a minimum of 3 years of experience, as well as a bachelor's degree or ideally a master's degree (engineering).


The strengths that have earned us candidates' trust


We always try our utmost to fully understand candidates' concerns and needs in order to support them as best as possible. After all, an international move is a major life event, whether it is undertaken alone or with family. We believe that listening is our most important strength, and this quality is often mentioned in feedback from our candidates. Depending on their field of work, we can also support spouses in their search for a new job.

Once you have started your new role, we will continue to support you on a daily basis, reaching out regularly to ensure that the job and integration process are going as smoothly as possible.

Finally, we offer different types of contracts to suit your goals: you can work as a consultant, an employee or a freelancer.


If you want to develop your career in the Life Sciences sector, be sure to peruse all our postings and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with any new opportunities.

With four years' of recruitment experience in both recruitment firms and companies, Emilie discovered her passion for the Life Sciences sector during her time working with a company specialized in surgical robotics, where she was tasked with finding candidates specialized in quality control, R&D and production.
She joined the Cooptalis adventure in June 2021 as a Recruitment Consultant, focusing on IT and Life Sciences candidates.

Pauline Jxxx

by Pauline Jxxx