Intermission period : our best tips to go through it peacefully


Julianne Liebert

Intermission period : our best tips to go through it peacefully



"Mr. X, at the end of your mission with our client you will be in intermission for a certain period of time, we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule interviews"
Well, thanks for the warning, but what is intermission all about? How long will I have to wait for my next assignment? What am I allowed to do during this period? How can I get the best of my time?

Don't freak out, in this article, we explain what to expect when you are in an intermission period and give you our tips on how to make the most of this time to put all the chances on your side for the next interview!



What is an intermission?

Sometimes called ''inter-contract'', intermission is, as its name suggests, the period in between two distinct missions (for the same client or for two different clients).

The duration can vary from a few days to a few weeks.


The different roles of each party for an ideal support

During this waiting period, which can be described as on-call, you must remain available: you wouldn't want to miss a call for an interview! So, turn off the silent mode and activate your email notifications.

Keep your habits as if you were still on assignment: wake up at 7am (well, 8am if you want) and get out of your pajamas. Schedule some morning sporty routines to stay in shape and active.

At Anywr, your Talent Manager will make sure that the intermission period goes as smoothly as possible for you. He or she will be available for any questions you may have and will give you the most accurate advice on how to be successful: your success is their success.

On their side, the business managers will do everything to shorten your intermission and plan meetings with customers. Preparation beforehand, accompaniment to the meeting and debriefing after the meeting: everything is done to ensure that you feel comfortable and that the client wants to hire you and nobody else.


Training and preparation: make the most of this transition period

You, yes you, who are in an intermission period and therefore waiting for a new time to shine through your expertise and experience: do not give up during this interlude!

Take advantage of this time to train yourself! Nowadays, many online platforms offer short courses, webinars, white papers, which allow you to acquire new knowledge: OpenClassrooms, Khan Academy, LearnWorlds, edX, Fun MOOC, Google digital garage, LinkedIn and many others! Get ready, make yourself an agenda, have a cup of coffee and get out your best notebook from the drawer (and highlighters! we love highlighters)..

Update your resume with your latest assignment and training, if you haven't already, and think about your LinkedIn profile too!

Once your list of hard skills has been filled out during your busy days, work on your soft skills: life skills also mean standing out from the crowd! Indeed, this is the time to get prepared for your future interviews, anticipate the questions, practice public speaking and present yourself briefly but without forgetting anything: write down the key words of your education and your background.

During your next interview, you will probably be asked to talk about yourself, your way of being or a situation you have experienced, so that the recruiter facing you can get an idea of your state of mind, your communication skills or your thinking skills. By preparing yourself for this type of question, which can destabilize some candidates, you put all the chances on your side!






Julianne Liebert

by Julianne Liebert