Focus on the New Works Engineer job


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Focus on the New Works Engineer job


The New Works Engineer profession plays a key role in the construction of buildings, infrastructures and sustainable development projects, particularly in the Life Sciences industry (especially in the pharmaceutical companies). These professionals are responsible for the planning, coordination and supervision of construction projects, ensuring that the work is carried out safely, efficiently and on time. They work closely with construction teams to ensure that projects meet technical, budgetary and standards requirements.

As experts, they play a crucial role in the realisation of innovative and sustainable projects, thus contributing to the development of the company or laboratory concerned.


What is a New Works Engineer?

A New Works Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the design, construction and installation of new production facilities. They often work for a construction company, pharmaceutical company or laboratory and are in charge of overseeing all aspects of the construction of a new production site, an annex or a new facility of an existing site.

Skills in the following areas are required for most positions:

  • experience in managing subcontractors;
  • ability to choose the most suitable company for each trade and project;
  • knowledge of electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation basics, electrical installation constraints, standards and technical rules of electricity;
  • ability to adapt to less technically mastered subjects;
  • site monitoring and decision making.


In addition, their responsibilities are multiple and include:

  • carrying out investment studies and building budgets;
  • managing the project budget and schedule;
  • drafting of specifications and cost estimates;
  • coordination of subcontractors and construction staff;
  • ensuring the proper acceptance of equipment and its commissioning;
  • checking compliance with regulations and safety standards;
  • monitoring key indicators (KPIs, quality, costs, deadlines, schedule monitoring);
  • communicating with the various project stakeholders.


In addition, they are responsible for managing the risks associated with the project and ensuring that the production facilities meet quality and safety requirements. Finally, they are in charge of the commissioning and running of the new production facilities.


Which education is required for this profession?

In addition to an engineering background or a Master's degree (Bac +5), you must also have a good knowledge of construction (all trades) and technical skills in automation / electricity / mechanics / HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Examples :

  • Master's degree specialised in mechanics, automation, electrical engineering, etc., or in the field of the employing company (chemistry, electrical engineering, agri-food, etc.);

  • A degree from a general engineering school or a school specialised in mechanics, automation, electrical engineering, etc.


What opportunities and salary range can you expect?

A New Works Manager/Engineer earns between €3,750 gross and €6,250 gross per month in France, with a median salary of €5,000 gross per month (approximately €47k gross per annum for 80% of positions).

There are several possible career paths for a New Works Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Project manager: the engineer may become responsible for managing projects for the construction of new pharmaceutical facilities;

  • Engineering consultant: the engineer may offer his or her services as a consultant to various companies in the pharmaceutical industry;

  • Regulatory specialist: the engineer may focus on the regulations governing the construction of new pharmaceutical facilities and become an expert in this field;

  • Quality manager: the engineer may become responsible for the quality of facilities and equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry;

  • Teacher or trainer: the engineer may teach or train students or professionals in the field of New Works Engineering in the pharmaceutical industry.




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Julianne Liebert

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